Brandon Sanderson

It's my pleasure to introduce myself; my name is Brandon Sanderson and I am a photographer. Additionally, I'm also a writer for, where I write product reviews and blog posts. To me, photography has always provided the opportunity to capture beautiful moments with the lens of my camera, while writing allows me to express myself in ways that only words can do justice. It's these two outlets that truly make me come alive! I love researching new products and producers in the industry, taking deep dives into specific technical specifications to bring readers accurate reviews of top brands in each category.


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A Waterpik is a great tool to help keep your crowns and bridges looking their best.

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The best mini PC for home server is the Intel NUC 8 Pro Mini PC.

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This site is about finding the best laptops for music production.

11 Best Cable Router Modem Combo in 2023 - Reviewed and Rated

The best cable router modem combo for Verizon Fios internet, Cox Cable, Spectrum. Find the right wireless router for your DSL and cable connection.