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Our Privacy Policy is the weapon we use to gain customer confidence. It’s also a tool for us to improve ourselves. Here are some of our privacy polices.

1. Information privacy policy

We value our customers' privacy and thus we keep their personal details confidential.

We don't share any customer information with third parties. Your usage and/or searches may be used for the purposes listed below.

2. Information we collect

We don't require our customers to create accounts and provide personal details when they visit our site. Instead, we use their IP addresses to track their browsing habits and gather statistics.

We will keep this information confidential and protect it from unauthorized access.

For instance, if we analyze a user’s search history and see that they often look for “how to lose weight fast,” then we might suggest some related products. However, we won’t ask them anything else.

4. What happens if we don't use your information?

We're committed to protecting your privacy and ensuring that any personal data collected by us is used appropriately. Any personal data we gather from you will be used solely for the purpose of providing better service to you.

Since you've already come to our site, we'd like to show you some of our best products. So please take a look at them.

4. Chatbot feature

We consider this as our customer service/support channels. You can contact us anytime through our website.

If you want to know more about our services, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us! We're confident that we can help you out!

6. Third party cookies, web be­acons, and tracking pixels

Cookies allow us to collect information and store it so we can keep track of how our users interact with the site. We use cookies to help us understand how people use our site.

We use third party tracking technologies and cookies to collect anonymous traffic statistics which help us understand how people interact with our site so we can continue to provide the best experience possible.

We take our partner selection very serious. Please double-confirm before giving us any personal information!

6. Links

You can definitely click and use any of the search result link we show you. But if they appear under Google’ s ad attribution, double-click them first to verify their authenticity.

7. Policy towards children

We always take care of children.

Children under the age of 13 cannot use our site. We don't collect any personal information from them either because it's against the law.

8. Information security

User privacy is extremely important for long term growth. Therefore, we strictly follow consumer protection laws. We protect and delete any activity related to collecting users' IP addresses.

You should always be very careful when providing your personal information online.

9. Execution

We always take our responsibilities seriously towards our customers. If there are any claims or disputes between consumers and us, we will settle them through the relevant regulatory authorities.

10. Cookie DoubleClick DART

As other websites, Google may collect user data through its ad network using first party cookies (or third-party cookies). This is Google’s DART Cookie Notice for the purposes of serving relevant ads to visitors across the web.

You can visit the link: and opt-in or opt-off from advertising and other personal info with the privacy policy by AdWords.

11. Our Advertising Partner

Our partners may also use their own cookie technology to collect information about your visit to our site. If they do so, we cannot control the confidentiality of any information collected by them. However, we will not share your personal information with anyone else without your permission.

12. Amazon Affiliate Program participates in the Amazon Services LLC Associate Program, which allows us to link our product recommendations back to

Amazon, Amazon Prime and the Amazon Prime logos are trademarks of Amazon.

13. Changes to our Privacy Policy

We may need to change our privacy policy or terms of service. If so, we will notify you by email.

We will actively keep updating the policies. So please actively keep updating them if you want! Contact us for the latest policies.