How to Choose the Best Office Chair?

Every office worker who sits more than 8 hours a day cares about his or her chairs. The chairs might affect the whole working performance of a room, a department, or even a whole company.

Every office worker who sits more than 8 hours a day cares about his or her chairs. The chairs might affect the whole working performance of a room, a department, or even a whole company.

As a matter of fact, office chairs have been reinvented and improved dozens of times since the 19th century, and the products right now are considered to be near perfection. This article will talk about what you need to know about office chairs, as well as the best brands for chair manufacturing.

Types of office chair

There are many different types of office chairs on the market today; therefore, in the following parts, we will introduce you to the most popular and finest types on the market right now.

1. Operator chairs

Operator chairs are often known as ergonomic chairs, which are what most employees sit on at their desks. Operator chairs are designed for extended periods of sitting and include all of the features you'd expect from an ergonomic office chair. Built-in lumbar support, adjustable height, armrests, and a five-star wheelbase are all standard.

To conclude, operator chairs are an excellent choice for modern workplace seating for staff at their desks.

2. Executive chairs

Executive chairs, as the name implies, are a high-end type of office chair. Executive chairs are commonly found in executive offices and are made of fashionable materials like leather. Their elegant design will include a high back and thickly padded seats and armrests.

These chairs have a grand, imposing design, a lot of extra padding, and are nevertheless an ergonomic choice. Executive chairs, besides being a comfortable place to sit, make the “executives” the real boss in the office.

3. 24-hour chairs

If you have employees that work long hours or anticipate pulling an all-nighter, they will require a 24-hour chair. These office chairs are made to withstand heavy everyday use, with sturdy frames and well-constructed mechanisms.

A 24-hour chair includes all of the normal ergonomic features, such as adjustable height, armrests, and lumbar support, but they are all designed to a higher standard.

These chairs are best suited for environments where continuous use is expected, such as hospitals or call centers.

4. Fabric chairs

When it comes to office chairs, there are a variety of materials to pick from. Fabric is the most prevalent. Fabric is the preferred material for most office chairs because it is comfortable, flexible, and offers good value for money. Fabric may be used in a variety of office chairs, but it is most commonly found in operator and other ergonomically minded items.

To conclude, Fabric chairs are high-quality, comfy seats that are less expensive than other materials.

5. Leather chairs

Leather is a better choice for a more upscale, polished office chair. When opposed to fabric or mesh office chairs, buying a leather office chair will result in a higher price.

Leather office chairs are incredibly comfy, and they sometimes come with additional cushioning that adds to the luxury feel. Despite their comfort, they are not suitable for usage in hot weather since the material will heat up and cause pain to the user.

6. Mesh chairs

Mesh, more than any other material, improves the ergonomics of an office chair. Mesh seats, which are designed to be breathable, are ideal for bringing comfort to working settings that are prone to high temperatures. The net-like mesh office chair is essential for individuals who struggle in the summer heat.

These kinds of chairs are suitable for people who work in hot workplaces or have difficulty during the warm months.

7. Vinyl chairs

Vinyl is the third and final most common office chair material. Vinyl office chairs, which are made of plastic, are a durable sitting option that is less expensive than leather. Although vinyl chairs are not as comfy as fabric or leather chairs, they are easier to clean and maintain. Vinyl, like fabric and leather, is a choice for many various types of office chairs.

8. Draughtsman chairs

Draughtsman chairs are distinguished by the additional height they may provide to the user. Draughtsman chairs have the adjustable height that we all anticipate from office chairs, making them suitable for professionals who utilize exceptionally high workstations, such as in labs or manufacturing.

Apart from that, draughtsman chairs might have all of the ergonomic characteristics that you'd expect from an office chair.

9. Meeting chairs

Meeting chairs serve a completely different function than the many various types of office chairs on this list. Meeting chairs are designed for brief periods of comfortable sitting. During meetings, you'll generally find lots of cushioning and cloth to keep you, your coworkers, or your clients comfortable.

Meeting chairs may reflect your company and the individuals that work there since they are used by outside visitors. As a result, their designs are frequently attractive and professional.

10. Conference chairs

Conferences necessitate a special sort of chair that is comfortable, elegant, and easy to store. Conference chairs accomplish this by appearing as elegant designs with soft fabric seating and, most importantly, the ability to stack.

Conference chairs make it simple to pack up and empty the room after a meeting. They can be stacked on top of one another and pushed into storage in preparation for their future use.

Buying Guide

1. Adjustable Height

The first feature to look for, which is thankfully common in most chairs, is a height-adjustable seat. Because not every chair user is the same height, producers must account for this in order for people of different sizes to utilize the same product.

The most ergonomically sound posture is to be able to sit with your feet flat on the ground without squeezing your thighs, which would limit blood flow to your legs.

2. Swivel

It may seem too simple to mention, but not all office chairs swivel. Those who work in static chairs do not need to move, thus such chairs are appropriate for them; but, if you do need to move, even merely to grab something, it is critical that your chair can swivel so you are not twisting, and thereby hurting, your back.

Most chairs can rotate a full 180-degree round, so this is the least you need to worry when buying a chair.

3. Adjustable Backrest & Lumbar Support

If a chair is to be really ergonomically correct, it must include an adjustable backrest as well as lumbar support. By adjusting the backrest, the user may relieve strain on their upper back by adapting to their position, reducing tension on their muscles and vertebrae.

A good lumbar support keeps the spine in its naturally curved ‘S' form, preventing the muscles around the spine from being overworked.

4. Seat Material

The seat of the chair should be adequately padded to provide support; this also applies to the arm rests and the back of the chair (unless it is a mesh backed chair), and the padding should be firm enough that your weight is held by the chair but not so hard that you can feel the parts of the chair underneath you, which could cause damage to the base of your spine.

5. Adjustable Armrests

Armrests may appear to be an unneeded addition to an office chair, but they are critical in reducing neck strain. Adjustable armrests must be set to the perfect height (and, if adjustable, width), with elbows perpendicular to the supports. Armrests that are too high or too low might create major difficulties with your neck and spine.

You should also consider how much time you will spend sitting in your new chair; the more time you spend sitting in it, the more customizable features you will need- and lumbar support is a must if you will be using your chair for extended periods of time.

Well-known brands

1. Herman Miller

Herman Miller makes people have the feeling of a luxurious brand. They indeed sell expensive chairs, but the chairs are worth the price. I mean worth every penny.

Herman Miller, with their creative and beautiful designs, guarantee satisfaction from even the most strict customers out there. The brand studies how people sit, the structure of the back, and how people prefer their chairs to be. Similarly to other brands, Herman Miller chairs can be adjusted by heights, rotated, and almost everything.

The most popular Herman Miller lineup is the Herman Miller Aeron, which is not priced as high as the other thousands-of-dollar chairs, but is designed well enough for unique comfortability.

2. AmazonBasics Classic office chair

You don't have to spend a fortune to obtain a good seat, and the AmazonBasics such as the AmazonBasics Classic office chair is your best budget selection. These chairs offer the functionality that the majority of users require. The microfiber cover wicks moisture away, preventing a damp back. They provide complete body support, allowing you to lean back while having your head and neck supported.

Furthermore, they have adjustable heights and five revolving rollers, so they should work well on both carpet and wood surfaces. You may also determine how easy it is to recline the entire seat by adjusting the tension of the seat and back tilt.

As the name suggests, AmazonBasics Classic cares more about the affordability and usability, so the prices are really nice to the quality.

3. Space Seating

What do you say about sitting in space? You’ll feel your body weightless, so comfortable that you think you’re flying around among stars? That would be in the far future, but you can enjoy the feelings by purchasing a Space Seating chair. 

Space Seating focuses on the comfortability of users, but also tries to maintain the good prices. We can see a unique style of designing the armrest that no other brands have. The backrests are mostly open, or as they call AirGrid. The AirGrid style makes sure that you won’t be suffering from sweat and heat after sitting for more than 10 hours a day.

Space Seating sells chairs with prices between a hundred bucks to almost a grand depending on the mesh, the material, and the design.

4. Furmax Office Chair

If you don't want to spend your entire stimulus check on a chair but yet want a comfortable seat for your back, the Furmax can be a suitable choice. They have a thick, padded seat and a mesh back with lumbar support, so your back won't sweat while yet getting the firmness they require.

Furmax also supports moving around as well as adjustable heights. The upside of the brand is that not only the heights, but also the incline level of chairs can be adjusted. Furmax chairs sometimes feature adjustable armrests, allowing the best flexibility ever.

The Furmax chair such as the Furmax Office Chair Mid Back is one of the best reasonable office chairs under 100$ in the market at present.

5. ComHoma Office Chair

ComHoma chairs are sold at very low prices, and like AmazonBasics, ComHoma doesn’t sell luxurious chairs with high-quality leather, but they like manufacturing chairs for mass sales. The designs are not so special, and the color variants aren’t many. In exchange, we have a price range of 30$ - 100$.

ComHoma receives thousands of good ratings on Amazon and other online stores, making sure that we can have peace of mind buying several products. Headrests, armrests, swivelling body, and moving wheels are also supported as usual.

6. Steelcase

Searching “Steelcase” on Amazon, you would instantly notice that this is yet another luxurious chair brand for CEOs, managers, and you know, VIP in general. Steelcase offers some famous series such as the Steelcase Leap, Steelcase Gesture, or Steelcase Amia.

Steelcase chairs are mostly offered in lots of colors, creating a modern workspace for people to be doing what they love instead of working. Those premium series are usually sold at $1000 and more.

Steelcase also gives out affordable lineups, for example, the Series 1 and Series 2 products. Series 1 and Series 2 cost you under $500, making one of the best products in the middle range.


1. How much should I spend on an office chair?

Because the top branded ergonomic office chairs are only available through reputable wholesalers, their prices are usually slightly above average. This means that a high-quality ergonomic chair will cost anything from $200 to $2,000. Few chairs are sold for more than $2,000.

2. Is an expensive office chair worth it?

In fact, you can save money by purchasing a more expensive office chair that will last a decade or more rather than a $200 chair that will need to be replaced every few years. Furthermore, these seats offer more personalization possibilities and better adjustability than lower-cost chairs.

3. Why are office chairs so expensive?

Because office chairs are manufactured in lesser amounts, to much better standards, and typically allow customization to clients who may purchase hundreds or thousands of them at a time. They have also undergone extensive engineering to ensure that they will survive for a long period while being comfortable and ergonomic.

4. Are mesh office chairs better?

Either method can be relaxing and reassuring. When it comes to mesh seats, it's easier to talk about comfort in terms of ergonomics. A stiffer mesh will not distribute your weight and is an unsuitable choice for someone who sits for long periods of time each day. A softer mesh will provide more support, but it may stretch and sag over time.

5. Do office chairs need wheels?

Darwin wanted to be able to move and slide around while seated, so he adapted a chair with wheels on the feet. Wheels, sometimes known as casters, are a frequent element found in office chairs today. They let workers move around without having to stand up, similar to Darwin's primitive design.


The FAQ section indeed wrapped up our article about office chairs. We have talked about what everyone needs to know before purchasing a chair, as well as the most well-known brands in the world of chair manufacturers. Thank you for staying with us until the end, and we hope to see you in future reviews and information articles.

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