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Author Topic: Bogus Site Warning  (Read 5664 times)
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Big Mama
« on: November 02, 2009, 08:18:34 PM »

Hollywood Is Calling?

Not from my house, they aren't!

Howdy Folks, your old pal Sid here. I just found out something disturbing and thought I'd let you all know about it. Apparently, this site, www.hollywoodiscalling.com thinks I call people for them. Glad someone told me because I sure as shit didn't know!

See, about 5 years ago, these guys contacted me and asked if I wanted to be part of their scam…..uh, I mean, site…….and after hearing all the details about how my time would be restricted (only allowing 15 seconds to wish someone a Happy Birthday?) and I would have to use only scripted shit they handed me, I thought, why the hell would one of my fans want some prefab, 15 second earjob that sounded like a radio spot for car insurance? If they were going to get a call from me, wouldn't they want it to be my words, talking to them for however long we both felt like it? It was too commercial for me, so I told them that I was not going to participate. I even wrote to them and asked them to take me off their listings. I don't even know why I was up there in the first place! Well, apparently, they don't speak English anymore, because I just discovered that I am STILL listed on their scam…….I mean, site………….despite my own letter and despite those of my beautiful wife and publicist. So, do they have someone calling people as me?? I wish I knew! I'd sure like to meet the person….

So I'm here to let you all know that I have nothing whatsoever to do with that crap and if you have paid for a call from me and actually gotten one, PLEASE LET US KNOW AT THIS PAGE OR MY WEBSITE so we may take the appropriate action!!! I have never made one single phonecall for these people, and I never will, so if you've gotten a call from "Sid Haig", you've been had. This shit pisses me off no end, people taking advantage of my fans and friends, and what the hell kind of future president would I be if I let folks lie to you all like this? I see on the site they have me as "Unavailable Today". Well Hoss, I'm unavailable for that crap EVERY DAY! Mind you, I can only speak for myself, I have no idea about anyone else's listing there.

So, in conclusion, I have nothing to with www.hollywoodiscalling.com and I never had or will.

Thanks for reading my ranting, and have a great night.

God Bless,
Sid Haig

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