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 on: August 16, 2019, 10:48:22 PM 
Started by Ma`at - Last post by Ma`at




 on: July 14, 2019, 08:47:52 PM 
Started by Ma`at - Last post by Ma`at
The Tutti Fuckin' Frutti Collection has arrived!!!  Get yourself a scoop today! 

Each delectable product is 100% VEGAN/CRUELTY-FREE!

***Product BUNDLES now available!  Get all four products for one price!***

All SidMart prices include global shipping & there's nowhere we don't ship to!

 on: June 12, 2019, 10:21:41 PM 
Started by Ma`at - Last post by Ma`at
(Click title next to the exclamation point above to see full announcement!)

Well shit the bed!  Mama here, and do I have some good shit for you.  SidMart is finally coming back! That's right, kiddies, starting at 8pm PDT on June 24th, 2019, SidMart will once again be open for business. We do apologize for the extended closure but, as most of you know, some real-life issues cropped up on both sides of our combined family that we really had to make priority one. Those were swiftly followed by some insanity with our house-hunting that cost Mama her dream house. Turns out that getting a mortgage pre-approval when you own and operate your own business is a royal pain in the ass and a mountain of paperwork, especially when you're doing it yourself (sans accountant). So we just plain needed to take some downtime to deal with everything. Which is neither quick nor easy with Sid being in and out of town working. HUGE shout out to my people back east for doing so much to help with the house-hunting!!! We love you and miss you!

All that being said, there is finally a light at the end of the tunnel and if y'all don't mind, Mama's going to holler at you for a bit about some new goodies coming to SidMart. Now, I've been doing my best to fix some problems with the site itself caused by a full crash a few months back that no one can suss out the cause of. Our hosting company couldn't even figure it out, so they “fixed” the site by putting up a copy of the site from several years ago. Since then I've been trying like hell to get things back to what they were as well as making damn sure the store works properly. I'm still working on other parts of the site, but I did a test order on the store and had ZERO problems with ordering or checkout, so she's working and is 100% secure. So, since so many people are asking (which we appreciate), I figured I'd open her back up. Once again, that will be the evening of June 24th at 8pm PDT. Between now and then, I will do my best to photograph and create listings for as many of our new items as I can so I can add them to the store ASAP. I can not promise anything new will be up by the reopening date, but I can damn sure try!  That goes only for the incoming items, everything else we had is still there for the picking.  I will even try to make a special section of the store just for all the new items so if you want to see only the new additions to the store they’ll be in that section. Now, let's talk about some of the goodies we have for you…..

My-oh-my, do we have some killer items - brand new as well as old classics - coming to SidMart that’ll knock your socks off! Sid went hunting for something in our storage unit and wound up finding some boxes that got put behind other boxes and baby, he struck gold! Classic, ULTRA-RARE items, at least two of which can't be found anywhere anymore, except possibly eBay for the low low price of your next mortgage payment! But if you want to be able to make that next mortgage payment AND get your groove on with some awesome classic merch, SidMart's got you covered. Best of all, these beyond-rare items are all originals! No cheap dupes here, folks. Which means that when the limited - and I mean LIMITED - amount we have is sold out, they really are gone for good. Heads up, collectors! You guys are going to be shook when you see some of the tasty treats Sid was able to dig up just for you!!!  Hopefully I will have them in hand SOON so I can create listings for them!  (There's some serious rearranging necessary to get to all the boxes.)

We’re wicked stoked to be able to bring back some original release classics, but we're even more excited to bring you some ALL NEW merch as well! One of the new items is a never-done-before piece that took a very talented artist almost a year to create. Personally, my jaw hit the floor when I saw the finished product. Oh yes, it's that damn good. And.....on July 1st, Mama herself will be launching some new unique items for all you lovers of sweets out there. All I'll say for now is that this is something I've been trying to make happen for about two years and, with some VERY talented makers, it's finally happening! Closer to the launch, I will be making a BIG announcement with all the details as well as unveiling the Collection (yes, I said COLLECTION) in all her gore-geous glory. Those who know details about this from an unfortunate [and purely accidental] leak, please keep it to yourself. Thank you! This Collection will be available EXCLUSIVELY at SidMart. We think you’re going to love it….  And mad props to my dear makers who really kicked ass on this!!!  

So, once I fix a few more things site-wise, I will be going through all the store's stock numbers to make sure they're correct. After that, I can begin creating listings for some of the new items I have in hand already - old rareness AND new hotness - then adding them to the store. I will be adding all the new items gradually due to the fact that old Mama here is, and has been for a while, battling some pretty intense health issues and just ain't as spry as she used to be. I will add as much as I can as often as I can, but I do humbly ask for your patience since I'm doing all this site and store stuff myself. That said, when you guys see what we have for you, it’ll be well worth the wait!  Every time I add new items to the store, I'll put a short announcement on the front page of the site itself (www.sidhaig.com) and Sid will then post it on his Instagram (@sidhaigsays). Keep your peepers peeled!

As always, ALL SIDMART PRICES INCLUDE GLOBAL SHIPPING, so the price you see is the price you pay. That's it. No gouging, no crazy shipping charges, no places we don't ship to, NO BULLSHIT. Photos galore? We got ya. T-shirts, hoodies, turtlenecks? We got ya. Posters, comics, postcards? We got ya. DVDs, belt buckles (solid pewter), blankets, figures? You guessed it - We got ya! And now we have about twenty new items coming in to our little shop of horrors. And don't forget, you can always send us something of your own for Sid to autograph however you want. We kept it simple and made it a store item, which makes it easier on your end and ours.  Simply go to the "Your Stuff Signed" section (bottom of the store page) and after filling in the blank box with how you'd like your item signed, just add it to your cart and within 48 hours of purchase, either myself or one of the evil elves will email you the address to send it to.  Please note that sometimes our business email address gets filtered into spam, so if you're waiting to get that "send to" address, or just to hear back on a question, check your spam folder. Also please note that when you place an order for your own item signed, you do NOT have to enclose return shipping.  That, as with all our goodies, is included in the price.  And one last note - we do not send order confirmations of our own.  Your Paypal confirmation IS your order confirmation - if we have your money, you'll get your goodies.  We do ask for your patience on orders as well, as Sid is crazy busy and not always available for me to dump a load of orders on him.  If you have any questions about an order, just go to your Paypal and drop us a line at the email on your order confirmation.  COA photos, which can be done with any item(s), are available upon request and are of course free of charge. The photo will be a shot of Sid himself holding your freshly autographed item(s). Can't get more authentic than that! And last but not least, every SidMart order comes with a cool little autographed freebie as our thanks to all of you for your support.

Sid and I (and Yoda Boa) thank you all so very much. See you on June 24th, boils and ghouls!!!

Ok folks, now I have to get really real for a moment with you all. Mama has left the chat. This is Suzie speaking as one being to many beings. When we were dealing with all the insanity of last fall/winter, we lost my sweet, beloved Nana just over a month before her 102nd Birthday. When Sid posted about it on his Instagram, so many of you showed such an incredible outpouring of love, kindness, comfort and caring and it meant the world to all of us. My Father even passed his phone around at the luncheon after Nana's Memorial service, with Sid’s post showing all your comments, to show everyone how truly loving, kind and supportive his Son-in-law's fans are. Your words, and the emotion in them, brought a lot of comfort and peace to a lot of very sad people that day and we all thank you from the bottoms of our hearts.

With love and gratitude,
The Haig/Oberg Family

 on: November 28, 2018, 11:18:32 PM 
Started by Ma`at - Last post by Ma`at
A Special Message From Sid

I know I'm a little late on making a Thanksgiving post, but this one is special.
This Thanksgiving I had a chance to reflect on what I had to be thankful for and boy, was that a long list.  So, I'm just going to give you the condensed version.  First I am thankful to be healthy enough to do the things that I want to do, and need to do.  Also, I have two extremely intelligent and talented kids who have been a joy from the terrible 2s through the tough teenage years and into their adult lives. I have 2 beautiful healthy grandchildren who are thriving.  I am blessed to have met, fell in love with and married the most amazing woman in the world, my beautiful wife Susan. She is everything to me. She has made it possible for me to achieve all of the things that I have done since we first met. Life without her would be a tragedy. I'm also thankful for being able to have worked with some of the best actors, producers and directors in the business. I am thankful and extremely grateful to have the support of the fans. You are what makes it all happen. God bless you one and all. Since the holiday season as well as recent events had me already thinking about my family, I thought of a video I did a little while back and realized another thing I have to be thankful for: my ability to speak up when my input is needed the most. This video from Adam Green's "Horrified!" series has to deal with my family.  More specifically, with my father.  I ask you all to please go and watch it on YouTube by clicking on the text "Horrified!: Sid Haig" below.  My wife is going through something similar to this with her Nana (without the Guillain-Barre) right now.  Hold on to your family, never take them for granted and never miss a chance to let them know you love them.  
Thank you, and I hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving.
Love,  Sid

Horrified!: Sid Haig

Special thanks to Adam Green and the whole family at Ariescope.

Update: Nana passed on last evening.  Sleep well, until we meet again.
Ruth Elizabeth Oberg  1-13-17 ~ 11-29-18

 on: November 22, 2017, 02:41:16 PM 
Started by Ma`at - Last post by Ma`at

Some years ago, Sid Haig began offering special professional photo ops, at his convention and other appearances, with him in full costume and makeup as Captain Spaulding. He did some as House of 1,000 Corpses Spaulding (clown suit and makeup) and some as Devil's Rejects Spaulding (outfit from the "Don't ya like clowns?" scene as well as others - same makeup). A couple of years ago, for professional reasons, he stopped offering these photo ops.
However, since that time, multitudes of fans have been asking Sid to bring back the Captain Spaulding pro photo ops. Well, seeing as how all you fans out there really put him where he is, how can he say no? You have been heard!
Starting in 2018, Sid Haig will again be offering BOTH the House of 1,000 Corpses and the Devil's Rejects photo ops! This offer is, of course, open to all shows and we are allowing the show promoters to choose which Spaulding costume (House of 1,000 Corpses or The Devil's Rejects) Sid will be wearing for their show's photo ops! We are pricing these photo ops at $60, which will include Sid's autograph, as well as any personalizations/inscriptions you may want, on your print. After you pick up your printed photo, just stop by Sid's table during signing hours to get your print signed and you're all set. And, as always, Sid will still be taking photos at his table, absolutely free.
Sid's 2018 schedule is filling up fast, so any promoters who want to get in on this offer, just contact Bill Philputt of Re-Evolution Management at manager@re-evolutionmanagement.com or (818) 683-4314 and let's have some fun! We do ask that all promoters kindly wait for a signed contract before announcing Sid for their shows.
Our deepest gratitude and respect goes out to all you amazing fanfolk who inspired Sid to bring back these killer photo ops, and for all your unending support and love over the years. Y'ALL ROCK!!!   Cheesy

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