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Title: Sickypoo
Post by: Ma`at on March 12, 2015, 10:41:05 AM

As many of you have read or heard, Sid has been in the hospital since last Saturday with an infection that had entered his bloodstream.  He is now back home and recuperating slowly but surely and will have a followup soon to confirm that everything is back to normal.  He feels much better though he is a bit weak from the strong meds he is on.  
Sid's feels terrible about having to cancel a show this coming weekend, but his health has to come first.  Sadly, this also meant turning down a film role he would have shot prior to said show.  But when life knocks you down that hard, it's sometimes tough to get back up right away.
The outpouring of love and support from friends and fans alike has been nothing short of heartwarming and we both appreciate all of your concern and well wishes.  That in and of itself is good medicine for any ills and we thank you all.
Sid is looking forward to getting back out there with you fine folks soon!

We tried to keep this matter as low-key as possible out of respect for Sid and we ask that privacy be respected while Sid recuperates.
Thank you.

*No, you do not have to have a forum account to read this.  This is the only "announcement" about this.
*No, he does not have "the cancer".
*No, he does not have a Facebook page.  Anyone claiming to be Sid on that site is a fake.
*And finally, NO, he will NOT be in 31.  But we wish Rob and his team all the best in making a film all you groovy gorehounds can really sink your teeth into!  Break a leg, guys and gals!

Thanks again from Haig HQ.   :)