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Title: Some Thoughts...
Post by: Ma`at on January 27, 2013, 08:02:28 PM
A Word on Convention Announcements

To all the promoters out there:

We realize you have a tough gig putting these shows on for the fans and a million and fifty things to stay on top of, but we must ask, again, that no one announce Sid Haig as attending their show UNTIL THERE IS A SIGNED CONTRACT IN HAND.  Itís a detail that is very important if one is to do things properly and we take it very seriously.  We just finished settling an issue with this last week and now we have discovered another show has been advertising Sid as being their guest since last June without SidĎs knowledge or a deal in place AT ALL.  This was not a welcome surprise, to say the least.
Folks, itís this easy:  send him a contract, he signs it, you get it back, you announce him.  Thatís it.  Easy peasy, right?  So, letís all do the right thing and wait for a proper deal to be signed BEFORE you shout it from the mountaintops that you got the man at your show.  Once you have that signature, everything is official and you can feel free to post it anywhere you like.  Then we can all enjoy ourselves without any headaches, arguments, etc.
Thanks for your time and kind attention.

Sid and the staff at (