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Title: Once a Year Time off.......
Post by: Sid Haig on December 05, 2012, 07:07:41 PM
SidMart Holiday Closure Dates

Ho ho ho, folks!  We wanted to let all of you know the exact dates when we will no longer be shipping from SidMart for the holidays.  Yes, even our elves need a break sometimes (or they start gnawing on things....).  You can still place an order with us, but be aware it will not be shipped until we re-open.  We also want to sincerely THANK each and every one of you for your wonderful support and love and most of all, respect, for Sid Haig and his work.  Dates are below......

*SidMart will not be shipping orders between 12/18/12 and 1/5/13.*   

We will ship ON the 18th, so if your order is in by NOON Pacific on the 17th, you're good to go.  After the 5th of the new year, things will return to abnormal.

Happy Holidays to everyone and we hope you all enjoy this festive season! 

With Ooey Gooey Love,
Sid, the staff and the evil elves of