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Title: Note About Spooky Empire
Post by: Scary Jerry on July 20, 2009, 05:20:56 AM

A Note to the Fans about Spooky Empire from Sid Haig:

Some of you have been asking about me appearing in Spooky Empire's advertising for their show this October. Please be aware that I will not be at this year's Spooky Empire event. My former managers, EJC Management, knew of this fact more than one month ago. However, for reasons of their own, EJC chose not to tell Spooky Empire's promoter about it until last week, when it was already too late and their advertising had begun. I was surprised when my name and face appeared in any of it, because as far as I knew, my now ex-managers at EJC had told the promoter of the show that I would not be there this year. Furthermore, as I never saw or heard about any type of contract or agreement from Spooky Empire for me to sign, I figured it had been taken care of. Apparently that was not the case.

I understand the fans' frustration, as well as that of Spooky Empire, as everyone was led to believe that I would be at the event. I don't think that was entirely the fault of Spooky Empire, and I know it was not mine. What I humbly ask is that any and all speculation surrounding me "canceling" on the show be put to rest. I did not cancel anything. I can not cancel on a deal that was never made. EJC lead everyone, fans included, to believe I was attending, while leading me to believe the whole time that they had informed the promoter otherwise. The burden of this lies with EJC Management. Fortunately, I have new management now, as has been previously announced on my site and on my Myspace page. Why I was ever put on the Spooky Empire site is a mystery I intend to explore. I enjoyed that show when I worked it twice in the past - for free - but to advertise me without me signing anything was wrong. None of this should ever have happened and will not happen again.

I would like to thank you fans for your understanding and as always, your support. I wish the people at Spooky Empire a fantastic show and look forward to any opportunities the future may hold for all of us.

Be well and goodnight.

Sid Haig